Outdoor Learning

We will be venturing outside throughout the year, including accessing the local beach area to enhance the children’s learning. The importance of outdoor learning is outlined in The Early Years Foundation Stage Effective Practice: Outdoor Learning:

Outdoor learning complements indoor learning and is equally important. Play and learning that flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors enable children to make the most of the resources and materials available to them and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption. The availability of appropriate clothing and protection enables adults and children to go outside all year round, whatever the weather. In practice this means providing everyone with good protection against all weather conditions .The outdoors is a place that children of all ages can act on their strong impulse to investigate. They can be curious, inventive, and interested. They can concentrate and persevere at activities they have chosen. This in turn supports the development of positive attitudes towards new opportunities, challenges and responsibilities. The unique and special nature of the outdoors brings opportunities to experience beauty, joy, wonder and exuberance into children’s everyday lives.

We have guidance available for new parents with regard to what outdoor clothing your child will need in order to access their outdoor learning in the most comfortable way. (Outdoor Clothing/Sun Safety Policy)