Parent Partnership

New Parents-

New parents are invited to an initial meeting at the preschool. This is an opportunity to meet with the preschool manager and also meet the other staff including your child’s key worker, who will work closely with you and your child throughout their time at preschool. Parents will have the opportunity to have any questions they may have addressed. It is also a time to share information about your child, enabling your child’s transition from home to preschool to be happy and smooth.

Settling in-

We understand that the early days in a new setting can be an emotional time for parents and children. We are here to support you and your family through this settling process.

We are very flexible in our approach to settling and know that parents understand their child’s needs best. We will meet with you to make a plan for settling your child at preschool and devise a settling program that suits each individual child.

We operate a key worker system where one adult will be allocated to work closely with you and your child. Whilst all staff will work with and care for all children it is important that there is the opportunity for each child to form a special bond with an adult in the setting. This will help with the settling process and will also ensure your child is happy and all their needs met whilst in our care. The key person maintains links with the child’s home setting and works with parents through shared record keeping.