Our Philosophy

Child led learning guided by experienced and highly qualified staff.

The learning experiences are Reggio inspired with regular trips to the beach and opportunities for children to immerse themselves in their learning.

Every child is a unique and creative individual and needs to be valued and respected in order to allow them to flourish and develop.


Our philosophy is inspired by a rich blend of educational approaches, all of which place the child at the centre of their own education. We base our principles on the belief that all children are unique and learn in different ways and at different rates. By providing children with stimulating learning experiences based on their own interests, within enabling environments, both indoors and outdoors (whatever the weather!) children will thrive and develop.

Adults play a central role in guiding children to acquire a love of learning allowing them to fulfil their potential. This can be achieved through careful interventions of child initiated play, with trained adults scaffolding children to the next level in their learning. Successful and sustained partnerships between parents/carers and educators are vital in this process in order to fully understand each individual child’s needs.